About Lil Old Me

Funny, smart, outgoing, personable these are just some of the words used to describe your friend and humble narrator. He is originally from San Francisco and was thin enough to be allowed to come to LA. He is a writer by passion and writes as if no one is reading, which means a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. He has a love for low brow humor and an addiction to movies, live theater, music, books and sugar cereals.




7 thoughts on “About Lil Old Me

  1. Yay! I am excited to read the writings of Yvis Cannavale, writer and passionate person extraordinaire. happy new year indeed.

  2. Well they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Lucky Charms has the oat and sweet nicely mixed together but the “marshmallows” have the consistency of packing peanuts. Captain Crunch is an overall pure sugar cereal with that fruity berry taste but it’s also like eating sugary gravel and it cuts the roof of your mouth. I tend to go for Fruit Loops, Coco Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios.

  3. i dont like your 3 choices. fruit loops is way too crunchy and takes too long to soften in your bowl. coco puffs makes everything brown and mushy. honey nut cheerios is just plain ol’ boring. dont think we can hang out anymore … unless we can agree on honey smacks, corn pops, or frosted flakes (with bananas, of course).

  4. I don’t know how long you take to eat cereal but there is a method to it. You let the cereal linger a bit so that the milk has the same flavor, especially with coco puff which makes your milk get all chocolaty. The trick is not to let it sit for so long that the actual cereal itself turns into oatmeal. I can agree with all your choices but I’ve never added banana’s to my Frosted Flakes, is that an East Coast thing…hmmmm…I must give that one a try.

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