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Eye of the Dreamer

He stared at the machine and kept thinking ‘This is a dream’.  All he could think of about were the millions of possibilities at his fingertips.  He had read about such contraptions, he had read about the countless journeys one could take with the press of a button but he had read all those things in science fiction books. Those stories that rattled around in his brain were now coming together to form the real life that was staring at him. He reached out, with a slight tremor and touched it to make sure this wasn’t some fantasy, some dream he was having after one of his many drunken stupors. No, this was it, this was a real.

When Tommy broke into the house he was just looking for jewelry, TV’s maybe if he got lucky some family heirloom that would fetch him a pretty penny.  He walked past the shelves stocked with the usual; family photos, porcelain dolls, those commemorative plates of Gone with the Wind. But he also saw diplomas, very impressive words from what looked like very fancy schools. Words like Physicist, Engineer, Astronomer flooded his eyes and all he kept thinking was ‘Man I think I hit the jackpot’. He heard rustling behind him, pulled out his revolver spun around to see an old man standing in the hall way. He was about 5’5 a bit frail wearing a plaid robe. He stared at his unwanted house guest for a few minutes and then started to laugh. His laughter grew louder to the point that Tommy himself started to giggle and yet didn’t know why.

“Young man you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you” said the old man. Tommy was silent for a minute.

“What do you mean waiting” Tommy was holding the gun but even a blind man could see that he was nervous and was probably not going to resort to murder, he was a robber not a killer

“Son I have lived in this house for 20yrs working on my dream, creating something that will benefit all of human kind. I haven’t had any visitors for many many years and now here you stand and yes you may have ulterior motives but you are still a guest nonetheless.  Please put the gun away, I want you stay”  The earnestness in is voice in his eyes poured over Tommy and even though deep inside he thought it would be crazy to do so, he put the gun away. “Thank you. Do you want to see my dream?” The old man smiled so brightly when he uttered those words. Tommy nodded, thinking that maybe this could turn into the biggest score of his career. The old man opened a door and gestured to Tommy to follow him. The old man stepped through and Tommy watch as the darkness enveloped him. He was nervous but, hey, he could take on this old guy. Tommy stepped through.

He was nervously feeling for each step when all of a sudden he was blinded. He stumbled back and covered his eyes. The old man was standing next to a light switch, grinning from ear to ear.

“My apologies, I should have warned you.” Through a haze Tommy could see the old man fluttering around some multi colored thing. As his eyes began to adjust, Tommy realized that old man didn’t turn on overhead lights, he had turned on a machine. But this wasn’t just a machine, this was something more.  It looked a silo, only it was about 14ft tall, slender probably could hold no more than two people it had lights all over and what appeared to be a door, Tommy was in awe.

“Is this what you been working on?” Tommy said.

The old man giggled a bit “This?  Oh no no my boy, this will teleport us to the dream”

The door to the silo opened and the old man entered and once again he gestured for Tommy to join him. And once again Tommy while hesitant would let his curiosity get the better of him. The door slowly shut and Tommy shut his eyes waiting for whatever was to come next.