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Netflix Viewings

This weekend was pretty much a stay at home (for the most part) and Netflix the days away. Most of my viewings were documentaries. Here is what I checked out and some quick reviews.

Directed by William Shatner, this little docu takes a look at the lead actors of each Star Trek show. Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard Star Trek The Next Generation), Avery Brooks (Ben Sisko Star Trek DS9), Kate Mulgrew (Katherine Janeway Star Trek Voyager ), Scott Bakula ( Jonathan Archer Star Trek Enterprise) and Chris Pine (James Kirk Star Trek 2009) all get their moments but with a running time of about 1:30 I felt it was a bit short to really get an idea of each actor. I think an half hour show would have given us a better sense of their lives and some of the pitfalls and triumphs. Still it was a nice little nugget for any Trek fan.

Both these film aren’t just documentaries about exploitation, they are big thank you’s with sloppy kisses and swift kicks to the nuts. Not Quite Hollywood takes you into the insane world of Ozplotation; genre films in Australia. Machete Maidens Unleashed brings us films made in the Philippines. Both these films showcase the best and worst (ok mostly worst) that came from these two countries and there are some gems out there. If you have never dipped your toe in the exploitation/ grindhouse pool then these two films can be your gateway drugs. Highly recommend them

A great film, that not only traces the rise and fall of the notorious sex club Plato’s Retreat but it also gives you a grand view of the freedom that the 70’s was known for. A time when sex wasn’t pushed down by death dealing disease and copious amounts of repressive assholes. Couples could walk in dance, have a buffet (not sure I would eat where there were free flowing bodily fluids) and engage in as much carnal pleasure as your little heart (and any other body part) desired. There were no judgments; tall, short, skinny, fat, any race, any creed if you got the nod, then you could have their bod. The interviews with former employees and patrons ran the gamut from awkward to hilarious. If you’re curious, take a peek don’t be shy and leave your inhibitions at the door.



Funny, smart, outgoing, personable these are just some of the words used to describe your friend and humble narrator. He is originally from San Francisco and was thin enough to be allowed to come to LA. He is a writer by passion and writes as if no one is reading, which means a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. He has a love for low brow humor and an addiction to movies, live theater, music, books and sugar cereals.

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