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Hey Look More Oscar Predictions

Ok so I’ve been lazy.
Yes yes I know “where ya been”, “what happened to the blog, we totally missed it” I’m assuming that’s what you are thinking and even if you’re not, well, I will just live in my own little world and pretend that’s what you’re thinking.
I really can’t say why I played the invisible blogger for close to a year. I love to write. I know you can’t really count Facebook statuses or Twitter updates as writing but I always enjoyed trying to get people to laugh or put a thought in their head. But when it came to longer forms of scripture I would doubt myself. I would get an idea, start to write and think “this is shit, nobody would read this” and it gets deleted and I go back to gaining weight on my couch.

But now the drive is back, not lose weight mind you but to start putting words to paper or in this day and age watching them magically appear before my eyes. I’ve been in a holding pattern for too long and it’s time for me to get back to my love and that is writing whatever the hell I want. Actually this first blog will consist of two of my loves, and no the other isn’t vagina…that will come in a later blog. I’m talking about film, cinema, celluloid, the flickers as the old timey folk used to say.

The Academy Awards are coming up and once again I’ve decided to do something completely unoriginal, I will give you, my faithful readers (or is it reader) my thoughts as to who will take home the statue of the naked gold man. As I did last time I will tell you who I think will win, who should win and the dark horse films. Ready Kids…Oh wait before I being let me say this; the fact that Christopher Nolan, director of Inception, is NOT nominated is a travesty beyond reason and the Academy members should be forced to watch repeats of the Star Wars Prequels as punishment for this dastardly deed. Ok now that I got that off my chest, let us begin…

Who Will Win: The Kings Speech
– Come on it’s about a stutter, it’s about a stutter who is King and he must overcome the stuttering to be taken seriously. I mean that screams “Give me the Gold!!!”

Who Should Win: Inception-A totally original film, despite the Scrooge McDuck comparisons. You are sucked in from start to finish with its action, its drama and its touches of comedy. Great stuff

Dark Horse: Toy Story 3- No Animated film has ever taken home the big prize. This film was an emotional ride from the get go and while a win would be welcomed I just can’t see this breaking the glass ceiling. But no matter what, Pixar deserves every accolade it gets.

Who Will Win: Colin Firth (The Kings Speech)
– The Academy members are suckers for those with disabilities and add the fact that Colin Firth is a damn good actor and you are talking sure fire winner. Hell he could win 2 in a row if his next film is about an Egyptian Pharaoh with a bad case of pink eye.

Who Should Win: Colin Firth (The Kings Speech)– He did an amazing job and thoroughly deserves this.

Dark Horse: Jeff Bridge (True Grit)-Amazing performance in True Grit but I don’t see him nabbing it again from last year.

Who Will Win: Jennifer Lawrence
– She gave an exceptional performance. Now I have never heard of this actress but I think she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

Who Should Win: Natalie Portman– Her performance is so engaging. She makes you feel every cut, every tear and every awkward moment.

Dark Horse: Nicole Kidman- There is no denying the talent but this was not so amazing that it screams Oscar, maybe Blockbuster Award.

Who Will Win: Christian Bale
– He really knows how to transform, he virtually unrecognizable in The Fighter. He took a role that essentially was second banana and made it shine.

Who Should Win: Christian Bale– As I said above he just disappeared in this role as he does with all his roles. This is a well deserved win.

Dark Horse: Mark Ruffalo– I really like watching him, he’s very engaging and just a natural but this performance really isn’t anything special. It’s good it’s not like it really stands out from the other things he’s done. He should have been nominated for either Shutter Island or Zodiac.

Who Will Win: Hailee Steinfeld
– In my humble opinion I think she stole some scenes from both Bridges and Damon. The characters confidence and drive beamed through the screen. And it’s not the first time a child has taken the gold. I see up there with Anna Paquin and Tatum O’Neal.

Who Should Win: Hailee Steinfeld– See above. I’m too lazy to type.

Dark Horse: Jackie Weaver- Haven’t heard much about her so my guess is she did a good enough job to get nominated but doubt she will win.

Who Will Win: Tom Hooper
– He won the Directors Guild award and when that happens its pretty much a lock for the Academy award.

Who Should Win (Christopher Nolan should win but since he’s not even nominated):
I am going to break a rule (and since it’s my blog I can) and say that Im split between Tom Hooper for Kings Speech and David Fincher for The Social Network. Both were able to take rather mundane topics; a kings stutter and Facebook and create enthralling and very entertaining movies. I will probably always lean more towards Fincher just because I’ve loved all his films and he just keeps getting better. But I’ll be happy with either one taking it home

Dark Horse: The Cohen Brothers– They won in 2007 and while True Grit is a good movie I don’t see it as a “Wow what an amazing” film.

Best Screenplay Adapted (Might I point out. I was using the Academy Award website to remind me who was nominated and the screenplay awards were listed below sound mixing and visual effects. That’s how much respect writers get)
Who Will Win: Aaron Sorkin
– He is an amazing writer, from a Few Good Men to the West Wing (and his other TV credits) to this. Who cares how accurate it is. When you hear the dialogue you are hearing the words of a master craftsman just like David Mamet and Shakespear.

Who Should Win: Aaron Sorkin– No need to repeat myself.

Dark Horse: Toy Story 3– I can’t recall any animated film taking home this prize. It would be nice to see it happen but I just don’t think it will be this year.

Best Screenplay Original:
Who Will Win: The Kings Speech
– A film that is the front runner for best picture, best director and best actors can, in no way, leave out the writer because guess what..without the writer there wouldn’t have been a picture.

Who Should Win: Inception– Give Nolan something. This film was a masterpiece of writing and filmmaking.

Dark Horse: Another Year– A film that really hasn’t been talked about that much. Although it would be nice to see an unknown take it home.

Ok so that’s it. I highly doubt anyone care who I think will win best sound mixing or set design and I’m sure most of you don’t care either and that’s ok. I hope to keep on writing and keeping you entertained.

See ya.


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