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Oh Look, Oscar Predictions, How Original


So the Oscars are upon us once again.. Now I know there are others giving their Oscar picks so I’m sorry for being unoriginal but hey I gotta throw in my 2 cents so I will pick the ones I believe The Academy will chose, the ones that should win and the dark horses. If they are not mentioned that means I wouldn’t be surprised if they won. I will only do the major categories because I really don’t think anyone cares who I pick for Best Sound editing.

WINNER: Slumdog Millionare
It’s the little film that has been racking up the awards. I can see the Academy members giving this one the prize simply because it is such a small film that has made it’s mark and this would be the logical ending.

SHOULD WIN: Benjamin Button
An epic movie that really hit the emotional buttons (no pun intended). A film that makes you thinks about mortality and being happy with who you are and where you are at. People have said it’s Forest Gumpish but is that really a bad thing since Forrest Gump took home Best Picture, I think not

DARK HORSE: The Reader
I know this film is good but I haven’t heard much about it. Holocaust movies seem to be money in the bank when award season starts. And while Kate Winslet has been given oodles of praise, the film itself hasn’t really been given a huge push.

WINNER: Sean Penn-Milk
The caliber of actor Penn is, playing a beloved historical character, mixed that with the current political climate regarding gay rights and this seems to me like a slam-dunk.

SHOULD WIN: Mickey Rourke-The Wrestler
Hands down one of the best performances this year. Rourke’s heart wrenching portrayal of Randy “The Ram” showed the world that he is back. Regardless of how this turns out, no one can argue the brilliant performance he gives.

DARK HORSE: Richard Jenkins-The Visitor
He is a great character actor. He was wonderful in Six Feet Under and he does a great job here. He is a first time nominee up against some heavy hitters. I see him getting out shined here.

WINNER: Kate Winselt-The Reader
She took home the BAFTA and Golden Globe awards. Everyone has been heaping praise upon her left and right. She is the lead actress in a holocaust movie, so with that all signs point to her taking it home.

SHOULD WIN: Kate Winslet-The Reader
I finally saw the film and she was amazing. She was riveting and is such a natural actress. She truly deserves this award, no doubt about it.

DARK HORSE: Melissa Leo-Frozen River
Suffers from the same problem as Richard Jenkins; great performance in an emotional film but still up against some powerful and better-known actresses.

WINNER: Heath Ledger-The Dark Knight
He gave an amazing performance and he died, nuff said.

SHOULD WIN: Heath Ledger-Dark Knight
See above…

DARK HORSE: Robert Downey Jr-Tropic Thunder
He is a brilliant actor but I just don’t see this one being the film that gives him the award. He was great, no doubt, but I think his time will come in another film.

WINNER: Amy Adams- Doubt
She did a great job in this role; you felt her inner struggle with all that was going on.

SHOULD WIN: Marisa Tomei-The Wrestler
She breathed new life into the “hooker with a heart of gold” character (yes I know she was a stripper but same difference), She projected both physical and emotional vulnerability with such ease. She deserves this one more than the one she got for My Cousin Vinny

DARK HORSE: Taraji Henson-Benjamin Button
While she did a great job in the movie I don’t see it as Oscar worthy. She really didn’t do anything that was all that eye catching.

And the rest…

WINNER: Danny Boyle- Slumdog Millionaire

SHOULD WIN: David Fincher-Benjamin Button

DARK HORSE: Stephen Daltry- The Reader

WINNER: Simon Beufoy – Slumdog Millionaire

SHOULD WIN: Eric Roth- Benjamin Button

DARK HORSE: David Hare- The Reader

WINNER: Dustin Lance Black- Milk

SHOULD WIN: Jim Reardon and Andrew Stanton- WALL-E

DARK HORSE: Martin McDonagh- In Bruges

There you have it. Feel free to come back and check out how many I got wrong.