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This was a dull movie. My girlfriend and I found ourselves dozing off from time to time, and while with other films this may cause one to lose track of what’s going on, it didn’t really matter here because nothing of significance was happening. For people with amazing metal powers they sure didn’t use them a lot and when they did the heroes always got their asses kicked. And the last 20 minutes consist of a convoluted, Ocean’s 11 style con job that by end of it I wanted someone, anyone to stick an ice pick through my head. Cool visuals but that’s about it, boring boring boring.



Funny, smart, outgoing, personable these are just some of the words used to describe your friend and humble narrator. He is originally from San Francisco and was thin enough to be allowed to come to LA. He is a writer by passion and writes as if no one is reading, which means a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. He has a love for low brow humor and an addiction to movies, live theater, music, books and sugar cereals.

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